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Figure 1 Figure 2 Digital kitchen scales are ideal for weighing out small amounts of  material

SYNTAC epoxy resins and hardeners are manufactured with many different types of raw materials that are selected to provide particular properties such as cure speed, strength, flexibility, adhesion, viscosity, water or oil resistance, etc.

All epoxy resins molecules contain at least one reactive epoxy group although most have two or more.

Cellulose fibres thicken epoxy resin to make an excellent gap filling adhesive.

essential for mixing larger amounts. The pot life that is stated in the products literature will depend on the amount mixed and the ambient temperature. Large volumes and higher temperatures will shorten pot life. Pot life can be extended by pouring the mixed material into trays which will allow the exothermic heat generated by the curing reaction of the resin and hardener to dissipate.

CURING SYNAMIN ambient cure hardeners will cure down to 8oC but the physical properties of the cured resin will be less than when cured at higher temperatures, SYNAMIN heat cure hardeners must be cured according to the specified schedule.


There are numerous fillers and additives that can be mixed with epoxy resin to make it suitable for a wide range of applications. A few examples are given below.


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